Lamb Volostrum

Volac Lamb Volostrum is an ideal alternative or supplement when ewe’s colostrum is not available or is in short supply. This could be due to multiple births, a sick ewe or a lamb being orphaned.

  • Protein – 76%
  • Oil – 8%
  • Ash – 3%
  • Lactose – 8%
  • Moisture – 5%

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Lamb Volostrum

Features and benefits

38g protein per 50g (140ml) lamb feed

  • Helps newborn lambs resist potentially fatal disease challenges
  • Highly digestible source of energy helps reduce risk of hypothermia
  • Consistent quantity and quality guaranteed
  • Hygienic, easy to use individual sachets
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Vital stand-by in any lambing shed
  • Independently tested


500g pouch providing 10 feeds as a natural alternative or 20 feeds as a natural supplement.

10 x 50g single feed individual sachets in a handy dispenser.

Store at room temperature in dry conditions.

How to mix Lamb Volostrum