A range of useful interactive resources and downloadable product brochures with all you need to know about our range of products, along with expert advice on sheep farming and rearing strong, healthy lambs. If you need anything further please contact us.

Surplus lambs can thrive on cold milk

Trial work conducted at Reaseheath College last spring highlights the opportunity to rear extra lambs off ewes on ad lib cold milk.

Trust Lamlac for consistent, exceptional growth

Lambing Advice January 2024

Lambing Advice A useful source of advice to keep your lambs healthy from newborn to weaning.

Lamlac Summary Results Trial

Lamb Trial Summary: Spring 2020

Gearing up for lambing

Now is the time to be thinking about what you need to put in place for a successful 2022 lambing season, says Dr Jessica Cooke from Volac.

North Country Mule Lambs Trial Summary - Spring 2021

Suffolk Mule Ewe X Texel tup Lamb Trial Summary Spring 2021

Lamlac - Helping you rear strong, healthy lambs

Lamlac • The first commercially available ewe milk replacer introduced over 45 years ago. • Continual development has helped keep Lamlac the UK’s Number 1 ewe milk replacer. • Made in the UK using British Milk. • Mixes in cold water.

Lambing Protocol Poster

A handy downloadable lambing protocol poster with all you need to know about rearing strong, healthy lambs.

Lambing Products

An introduction to the Volac Lambing system - colostrum alternative, Lamlac and rearing systems.

Volac Automatic Eco Lamb Feeder

The Automatic Eco Lamb Feeder is easy to operate and provides low-labour feeding for 40-240 lambs.

Ewe 2 and Ewe 2 Plus Lamb Feeder instructions

Volac Ewe 2 PLUS Lamb Feeder Operating Instructions.

Lamb Volostrum Product Brochure

A natural alternative to colostrum to be fed whenever ewe colostrum is unavailable or in short supply.