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We know how busy you are this time of year, so Lamlac has developed some handy lambing advice to help you get through the lambing season.

With lots of useful information on getting prepared, newborn lambs and feeding, our Handy Lambing Guide is a valuable resource for all farmers. You can download our our Handy Lambing Guide by visiting our resources area or visit our blog for regular articles on all things sheep farming.

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Managing surplus lambs

Every flock will have some lambs that either need to be adopted onto another ewe or be artificially reared.

Deciding which route to take will depend on the availability of a suitable foster mother and the physical condition of the foster lamb. Fostering will only be successful if the lamb is fit and healthy, has had adequate colostrum, and is fostered onto a healthy ewe with plenty of milk and good maternal instincts.You’ll learn about:

  • Key pointers for artificially rearing
  • Mixing milk replacer correctly

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Surplus lambs: How do I decide which one to take away?

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Milk feeding systems

There are 3 main systems available for artificially rearing lambs, each of which requires a high level of hygiene to ensure success.

We take a look at the pros and cons of bottle, ad-lib and automatic machine feeding.

You'll learn about:

  • Pros and cons of each feeding system
  • Assembly of the Ewe 2 / Ewe 2 Plus
  • Förster-Technik ECO feeder benefits
  • ECO feeder case study

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What should I consider when selecting a feeding system?

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Lambs are born with an immature digestive system, so in early life they cannot digest anything but milk.

The lamb’s digestive system must undergo considerable development in order to cope as it gradually moves from a predominantly milk-based diet to a more complex, grass-based diet.

You’ll learn about:

  • Development of the rumen
  • Top tips for sucessful weaning
  • Weaning from restricted feeding
  • Weaning from automatic/ad-lib feeding

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When to wean your lambs?

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Giving your lambs the best start

We have complied our 7 top tips to help you give your lambs the best start in life.

  1. Make sure the lamb can be identified with its mother and is well bonded.
  2. Check the lamb is dry.
  3. Treat the navel cord within 15 minutes of birth.
  4. Check the lamb has suckled and ingested sufficient colostrum.
  5. Check the ewe has an adequate milk supply.
  6. Avoid unnecessary interference.
  7. Ensure good hygiene.

Get more from your lambs this season. Explore further lambing advice over on our blog now.

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