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Five years ago we were using bottles and hand rearing them, but to be honest it was far too labour intensive – and not just in feeding time, but also in terms of the hassle involved in cleaning bottles. I’m so glad we moved onto the bucket feeders; they are really easy to set up and clean – we always sterilise the pipes once a day – and the lambs take to the teats really quickly.

Self-employed shepherdess Amy Collins

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10 Feb 2018

If you’re struggling with surplus lambs chewing on the teats of your ad-lib milk feeders, try a few of these tips to help prevent the issue.

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22 Jan 2018

Investing in automatic feeding technology to rear orphan lambs is beneficial to farmers with both smaller and larger flocks.

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18 Jan 2018

Surplus lambs reared on lamb milk replacer, based on whey protein from cow's milk, do just as well as lambs running naturally with the ewe.

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