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We use Volac Lamlac milk powder because it has the ingredients lambs need to thrive with 24% percent protein and is formulated using ultrafiltrated milk protein.

Roger and Hilary Bell, Co Antrim upland farm, Suffolk, 550 ewes

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Phillipa page examining feet blog detail
09 Oct 2017

The early autumn months are a good time to make a concerted effort to tackle sheep lameness and cut the costs of this debilitating disease.

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Foot trimming blog detail
12 Sep 2017

Independent research clearly shows that foot trimming is not an effective treatment for sheep lameness.

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Vaccines blog detail
05 Sep 2017

Pre-tupping vaccination is the most effective way to protect against toxoplasmosis and EAE, which case barrenness and abortion in ewes.

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How to wean your orphaned lambs

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