Volac Automatic Feeder

The Volac Automatic Feeder can feed groups of up to 70 lambs at a time, significantly reducing workload required for mixing and feeding lambs. This product is available for hire only.

Please phone us free on 0800 919808, or contact your local Volac Business Manager for further information and sales.

Volac autofeeder product detail

Features and benefits

  • For lamb feeding, milk should be offered warm (39C) on a restricted basis during the early training period
  • Once lambs are suckling from the teat on an ad lib basis, reduce milk temperature to 18-20C to reduce the risk of health problems from over consumption
  • The machine should be cleaned daily and calibrated regularly
  • Group animals by weight and age with no more than 10 animals per teat
  • Ensure teats are placed at a natural height, with the outlet horizontal
  • Place machine in a level and well drained location and keep teat lines as short as possible
  • After each batch of lambs, clean auger, check tank for scale and sediment and sterilise teats and milk lines