Visit our display of lamb feeding equipment



Visit our display of lamb feeding equipment

NSA Sheep Northern Ireland is being held at Ballymena Livestock Mart on Monday 3rd July 2017 and we would love to see you there! 

We will once again be at the event on our Volac stand, to offer friendly advice on all things sheep farming and to answer all your questions about lamb nutrition and the range of feeding systems available for surplus and orphan lambs. This year we will also have a display of lamb feeding equipment including our Volac Eco Automatic feeder, so pop along and see us!

Automatic lamb milk feeders

The event will provide an opportunity to see how the Volac Eco Automatic Feeder can dramatically reduce your workload, enhance lamb performance and add to farm income.

Easy to use the Eco Feeder automatically mixes milk powder and water in small, fresh batches at the correct temperature and consistency. Thus giving lambs their feed as nature intended on demand rather than just twice a day.

Problems such as bloat and stomach upsets are avoided so ensuring machine reared lambs perform at least as well as those left on a ewe.

Certainly that is the experience of Hilary and Roger Bell of Kells, Co Antrim who have used a Volac Eco Feeder for the past four years when lambing 550 ewes. 

The positive impact on their workload and performance of machine reared lambs has exceeded all expectations. In 2016, for example, 106 lambs were reared by the Bell family on their Volac Eco Feeder to leave an average gross margin of £30.51 from an average sale price of £80.51.

Like many progressive flock owners Hilary and Roger take one lamb away from any set of triplets to be machine reared along with those left as orphans or from mothers short of milk. As on farms nationwide their experience using a Volac Eco Feeder and quality milk replacers has been entirely positive.

Lamb care and feeding options

For those with smaller flocks we also have other options such as the popular EWE2 Feeder, which holds 20 litres of milk replacer to feed up to 20 lambs ad-lib. Robust, easy to use and clean this feeder comes ready for use complete with a mini teat, no return valves and silicone tubing. A second teat can be added if need be.

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Aside from lamb feeders, Volac has long been famous for ewe milk replacers manufactured in this country to the highest standards. For example Volostrum, used where ewe colostrum is in short supply, has 76% protein, twice the level revealed on the label of some rival products.

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We offer a full range of sheep products including; milk replacers, colostrum alternative, feed fats, feeders and lamb feeding equipment will help get your lambs off to the best possible start. Find out more today or contact us for more information. We hope to see you at NSA Sheep Northern Ireland!