Farming Feel-Good: Eight pieces of positivity to brighten your day


Farming Feel-Good: Eight pieces of positivity to brighten your day

Whether things are transpiring against us, or we’re simply feeling a little out of sorts, often, we all need a little something to lift our mood...

So, we thought we’d collate a whole heap of farming feel-good stories together in one place to help raise a little smile.

The young lambing assistant

One thing any sheep farmer is sure to remember is the day they assist with their first lambing. But for Lauren Dixon, from Killucan, Co Westmeath, that day came earlier than it does for many – at the tender age of just seven years old! Check out the full story here >>>

Hot pink silage trailer raises funds for heart-breaking cause

Sometimes the simplest of actions attracts the most attention, so, following their family’s personal experience with cancer, Davies Bros Danrheol decided to order their next silage trailer in bright pink. Not an order Smyth Trailers gets in every day, we’re sure! But this simple act has led to the family farming business from Carmarthenshire raising over £12,500 to date for Cancer Research Wales. Check out their story here >>>

Surprise triplets for Herdwick flock

While the occurrence of triplets in many commercial flocks is not unheard of by any stretch, in the case of the Herdwick, it is incredibly rare. So much so, that a lake district farm, once owned by author Beatrix Potter has welcomed their third set in 18 years. Herdwicks are renowned for having just one lamb at a time but it is thought that last year’s good weather has played a part in this year’s bumper crop of twins and this set of triplets. Read the full story here >>>

Tattooists turn lamb life-savers

Two tattoo artists from Manchester are the first to admit that they are perhaps the most unlikely group of lamb rescuers you’d expect to come across. But when the pair, holidaying in Wales with friends, stumbled upon a lamb stuck in a hollowed-out tree, the last thing they could do was leave it there. Having freed the little lamb, it was clear that the ewe was nowhere to be seen, so the friends set about tracking down the rest of the flock and reuniting the pair.  See the full story here >>>

Farming family raises funds for FCN

There aren’t many in the farming community who haven’t felt the ill effects of poor mental health – whether first hand or through their relationship with others. And this is certainly the case for three siblings raised on a mixed farm in Derbyshire. So when the trio decided they wanted to raise awareness of this issue, they took to the Three Peaks Challenge and raised an incredible £5,444 for the FCN (Farming Community Network).

The FCN is an organisation close to our hearts here at Volac, which we’ve been supporting by spreading awareness of FCN and Megalac’s #SpeakUpBeHerd campaign – incorporating lots of activities, shining a light on mental wellness in the farming community. So it’s great to hear of them getting support and publicity from far and wide.

You can read the story here >>>

Little ’uns learn about farming in the virtual classroom

Back in March 2021, over 200,000 children took part in one of the country’s biggest initiatives to encourage them to learn more about farming. The virtual classroom was delivered as part of a programme of events to mark British Science week and covered topics such as the origins of food, environmental responsibilities and the lifecycle of farm animals. Read the full story here >>>

Passer-by alerts farmer to lamb in a pickle

Members of the public can sometimes mean a positive outcome for livestock that find themselves in precarious situations and it is safe to say this is true of one Shetland-based lamb. The lucky lamb in question, found himself stuck on a ledge over a cliff edge when a couple passing by discovered his predicament. After notifying the farmer, a successful rescue ensued. See the pics here >>>

Passing invaluable skills to the next generation

If we don’t teach our children the skills we were taught by our own parents, ancient arts such as stonewalling, simply won’t survive. Check out Gareth Wyn Jones teaching his daughter the tricks of the trade here >>>

Have you got a story?

Whether you’ve heard a great story on the grapevine or have a tale of your own to tell, we’d love to hear. Make sure you tag us on social media and use #lamlacfeelgood21 so that we can pick them up.